made in the shade...

it's SO hottt!
i really do love the sun, but it'd be nice if the summer could slow down just a bit.
we've skipped spring and headed straight into a Carolina summer.
the fact that i'm just about 6 weeks away from giving birth might have something to do with the discomfort factor.
but, this afternoon things took a turn for the better... with our first trip to the pool.
unfortunately, we don't have a neighborhood pool of our own, so we have to make the 20 min trip to my mama's and go to hers... but is it ever worth it!  this may just become a daily thing until this baby girl decides to make her appearance.
Justin got off work early and joined us.  we weren't there for too long, but it was something close to heaven while it lasted ;)
to add to the thrill of it all, the pool was supposed to be open, but no lifeguard had showed up so we were left to hop the fence... rebels that we are. ha!
i wasn't about to skip out on the opportunity to show off my new rockin' maternity swimsuit! (said with a note of sarcasm, although it is actually quite cute... i think)
it took Asa a couple minutes, but that same joy he had in the water last year came rushin' back.
he LOVES his float!
but, even sweeter was when i held him.
with his arms wrapped tightly around my neck and a giant grin plastered on his face, he'd let go quickly to splash and laugh nervously and then cling to me again...  i love it when my child needs me.
my sweets

afterwards, Justin grilled up some DELICIOUS filet mignons to go with my mom's roasted baby carrots and potatoes (also very scrumptious)... an evening well spent!

it's crazy to me that this time last year, mommyhood was still so new and my boy was just a small baby.  it's moments like the ones we had today that make my heart so full, but make me want to sob at the same time.  how can he be 15months?!  he's going to be a big brother! that in itself makes him seem so much older to me.  slow down, my sweet Ace.
he's such a little booger... everyday it's something new... and hilarious.
makes me so excited to meet this little personality inside me.
i can't wait to see how different they are, but still hope she picks up on a few of his precious little quirks.

AND, for those friends and fam without a facebook... here's a few of our faves from the recent maternity/family photoshoot we had...

this was so much fun... and i'm so happy i did it again... i think we'll do it for all our babies :)

well, 4 things are beckoning me at the moment:
}apples & pb
}chocolate milk
}the hubs
}my couch

nighty night, dearies.

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