wishful wednesday...

can this adorable outfit please still be available in my pre-prego size after baby is here?!
this is my wish for now.

moving on... what is it about finishing the grocery shopping and getting everything home, unpacked, and organized that gives me such a GIANT sense of accomplishment??
it truly is one of the very best feelings.
i'm sure it has something to do with the fact that our fridge and pantry are stocked for the week... and that we survived the madhouse that is Super Target... and made good on the budget.
we always do our shopping together... it's more fun and SO much easier with a little tot.
normally it falls somewhere in the weekend, but this particular weekend was pretty packed for us and then we didn't feel like going on Monday, and went out to dinner with family on Tuesday.  so, you can imagine the scrounging that has been taking place in order to put together a decent lunch the past couple days.
considering the kitchen's looking a little barren and we didn't want to go shopping hungry (NEVER DO THAT),
we opted for a delicious and equally nutritious meal at... Steak & Shake.  
we skipped on the shakes though.
we'd rather save our calories for the popcorn or icecream or apples 'n pb we'll be enjoying while watching Gulliver's Travels in just about 5 minutes.

on that note,
my pj's are calling for me... must get comfy.
night, loves.

i'll leave you with this
oh my goodness... i can't get enough of these two.

P.S. thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your prayers in regards to my last post!
we found out yesterday that i no longer have placenta previa... it has moved and that means, no C-section! praise the Lord! baby Belle can come on her time :)

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