walking... why not?

Asa's not walking yet.  he'll take a few steps here and there, but definitely not full time.
it shouldn't bother me, but it sorta does.
he passed all the other developmental milestones at both average and advanced rates.
all the books say anytime between 12 and 18 months is 'normal'... anything before that could be classified as advanced, and after there might be cause for concern.
he's 14 months old now and he's been crawling for 8 months!
i will say he's the leanest, meanest, crawling machine on the block... maybe he's just convinced he can get there quicker on his hands and knees (which is probably true).
i know there's absolutely nothing wrong with my boy... i was just really hoping i'd have a confident walker by the time his baby sister arrived (in 8 weeks!).
also, i'd like it a whole lot if his knees weren't getting scraped, shoes ruined, and hands dirty every time we were outside... which is A LOT!
i know i can expect these things to happen even when he is finally walking, but just not as much.
and, i thought climbing came after walking??
he's a pro at the stairs, has mastered all the sofas, can get into and out of his wagon a million times over, pushes kitchen chairs to the counter tops to help mama with breakfast, and climbing out of his crib is looking to be in the very near future (eeek!). 
but, almost anytime i try to practice walking with him, he turns into a limp noodle and refuses... just struggling to get back to his knees.
i know the advice i'd give myself... stop worrying.  you can't make him walk. be patient. he'll do it when he's ready. pray.
take your own advice already, Carey!

all this to say, i'd love your input/advice :)

oh, and here's the monkeyness i'm always referring to


  1. Hey Carey!! I totally get it. I remember worrying about my kids when they didn't seem to keep up with all the other kiddos at sunday school or the park. None of my boys walked until they were close to 16 months. And Creed didn't even talk until he was almost three. It was weird and scary at times. However now they are all above-average in every way, if I do say so myself. You're right. Stop worrying. It will happen when it happens. And boys are notorious for being stubborn when it comes to most things that their mamas want to happen. My guess is that he will walk when he knows that you're not worried about it anymore! Enjoy this time...when they get on their feet, it's a whole new world. Take a deep breath, you're gonna need it when he starts running! Sending smiles your way, sister.

  2. He's adorable, healthy and happy :) But I totally understand your desire to have him up and at 'em before Bellamy gets here! Do you have any of those push toys? Owen started walking after pushing a little wagon and grocery cart for awhile...

  3. Will he walk behind a walker toy? That really helped Maddie. Also we would make a game of it everyday to get her to "walk" to us even if she was holding onto either myself or my hubby..we then started letting go of her and she would practically fall into our arms...we then made a HUGE deal of it when we would let go and she would get so excited that she was doing something great and then all of the sudden she was taking steps here and there...and then we would put more space in between us as she got better. but honestly, like the others said, he is a healthy and happy little guy so there really isn't anything to worry about! I'm sure when his sister gets here he will be ready to show off and show her the ropes :) I think my only concern would be the shoes getting ruined!! You are just like any normal parent...a worrier :) He is fine...cute as can be! He will walk (soon I'm sure) and then you will be exhausted trying to catch up with him!!!