i'm happy...

when i woke up this morning, i could feel the goodness comin' on.
not just because it was Mother's Day, but because both my guys were around for morning snuggles (as apposed to Justin being off at work or on a run most other mornings).
Asa's babbling has gone to a whole new level lately... i swear the kid knows what he's talking about... i just wish i did.  it's so stinkin' cute!  as soon as he's done with his morning bottle, the conversation starts... and doesn't end 'til sundown.  now, i can hardly imagine my morning starting without it.
once we were up and running, the rest of the day included : 

a delicious breakfast prepared by my wonderful honey

10 o'clock service with our Branch family

home for some backyard fun and relaxation before little man's nap

settin' up shop for our maternity/family photoshoot

then we were off for a quick visit to my parent's for a Mother's Day afternoon meal (crab cakes, lamb chops, and orzo... yum.)

just an hour and 1/2 later, it was back home to welcome our dear friends and amazing photographers, Dustin and Diana.  
the evening was filled with photo takin', good laughs, great conversation, and thin crust pizza.  nothin' but the best!  if you get a chance, give these guys a looksie... Bella Loren Photography... you'll be very happy you did!  
be on the lookout for some photos from our shoot today in the next couple weeks!

so there you have it folks... my second mother's day as a mama myself, and gosh! it was a good one!
next year the sugar will be twice as sweet... can't wait!

hope tomorrow morning finds you all on the right side of the bed... mondays don't have to be so bad ;)


  1. can't wait to see pictures from the shoot! i love the set up :)

  2. thanks mindy!... I can hardly wait myself :)