beach babes...

happy to be home, but so refreshed from my mini beach vaca!
Justin can't stop raving about how much fun he had with little man... he really did such an amazing job... i didn't doubt he would, but he surpassed all expectation.  i came home to all things tidy.  i decided i wouldn't make a fuss if there were dirty dishes in the sink or toys strewn everywhere throughout the house... he's not used to taking full responsibility for Asa AND keeping house, so i figured some grace would be in order.
but he really didn't miss a beat and i'm SO proud to call him my man.
their days included yummy eats, pool time, bike rides, book readin', and rough housing.
and, on Monday they went over to my parents house for a guys night, that included my sister's husband (also Justin), my two brothers, and my dad.  they lived it up for sure!

meanwhile, down on Hilton Head Island, the ladies were soakin' up some beach rays, cooling off in the ocean waves, going for long bike rides, thrift shopping, and playing boggle.
it was such a sweet time.  i'm torn between wishing it could have lasted longer and whether i actually could have stayed away from my boys another day.

iPhone photo reel...

out for a morning ride

baby gator. AH!

The Old Oyster Factory

4 generations of girls (almost)

my little sis and her sweet friend

i spy two beautiful Great Egret birds

i still somehow felt pretty exhausted today, even after my days of relaxation.
but, i feel somewhat accomplished considering i polished, vacuumed and knocked out two GIANT loads of laundry. yes ma'am!

i'm realizing this exhaustion could be connected to the fact that i got a little fried on the first day.  i thought this was impossible since i was so diligent in applying 30 SPF to every inch of my skin that would see the sun, but i was wrong.
apparently, pregnancy (in some women) causes them to be more sensitive to the sun... who knew?
you'd better believe that 50 SPF was my best friend the next day.
i am wondering  though if pregnancy is also responsible for this daggum burn sticking around for decades! my bra straps are still killing me. turn tan already... geez!

alright, enough of that.
i hope you're all soakin up some rays of your own... and not melting.

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