newborn quirks...

it's amazing to me that each sweet new babe's personality is being formed from the very moment of their existence... and every one is different.  God is awesome!
i've been pretty good about jotting down all the odds and ends of Asa's precious life since he was born.  i hope i'm not too distracted to do the same for Bellamy.
with baby girl's arrival quickly approaching, i've been reminiscing quite a bit about the newborn days... all of Asa's sweet little quirks... and whether Belle will have some of the same or be a baby all her own!

things that did the trick for Ace...

--patting his bum and shushing him sent him straight off to dreamland
--he preferred being cradled while nursing, as opposed to the football hold... which suited momma just fine
--took a pacifier from day 3
--when fussing for no apparent reason, skin on skin worked miracles
--belly sleeper
--didn't mind the bouncy seat
--snoozed to the sound of the blowdryer, but the vacuum... forget about it!
--loved being in the baby bjorn or Ergo
--for gas, gripe water
--being outdoors was and is always the perfect fix to his baby blues
--i could sit on the sofa, lay him back on my legs (head on my knees) and sway back and forth for days before he was over it.

things he didn't so much care for...

--back to sleep
--like i said, the football hold
--being swaddled
--would NOT take a bottle... exclusive breastfeeder 'til 9 months!
--the car (the opposite of what you hear about most other babies)
--hated the Serena & Lily sling
--lasted maybe 2 minutes in the swing
--allergic to dairy his first 12 months (so thankful that has passed)

i'm fully expecting some trial and error with our new baby girl, and
i think i'm excited about it.
nervous, but excited.

i'd love to hear what worked (or didn't) for your little bundle.
got any tricks up your sleeves??

i'll leave you with these... 
baby boy, just moments old and still sticky

oh, love.

momma smooches

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