wishful wednesday...

no funky new pinterest/etsy finds to report this week.

i simply wish {hope, pray} that baby girl will hold out long enough for us to enjoy our last little beach vaca as a family of 3.
i so look forward to the fun trips we'll take as our family grows, but for the next little while it's just us and our boy... i wanna make the most of every second! 
and, i know how much more fun we'll have with Ace on the beach this year as opposed to last.
 sure, last year's trip was wonderful and fairly simple {with a 4 month old that will fall asleep anywhere and doesn't whine when you're slathering him with sunscreen and stretching tight swimshirts over his head}  and, i know this time around will come with a whole new set of challenges {at 16 months}, but getting to see him take it all in will be priceless, i'm sure!...
tottling through the sand, showing momma sea shells, chasing seagulls, splashing in the tide... 
it's the perfect recipe for photo/video overload! 

also, i'm trying to stay optimistic about what my comfort level {at 37 weeks prego} might be.  it's the beach, right... relaxation station.
i'll be fashioning a bathing suit or flowy dress for most of the week.
with no housework to get done, i'll be taking more time out to kick these swollen feet up.
the hubs will be around to tag team it with Asa.
all things considered, this should be good.
as long as the sun is sweet to me... and the doc gives me the go ahead.

i had Asa two weeks early.
you won't find me holding my breath, thinking the same will happen with this one, but there's always that possibility.
{i'm actually trying to convince myself of the opposite... that she'll be on time or late... that would figure}
very soon {within days} after i was found to be dilated with Asa, at just one centimeter, i was in labor.
given this fact... and the fact that we'd be returning from the our trip 2 weeks before my due date, my doctor wants to check me next week before we plan to leave and then decide whether or not it's the best idea.
we've pretty much decided that we're going regardless.
if labor strikes, i've prepared myself for the worst 4 hour car ride home EVER, but we're making it home! mark my words!
my plan is to be fully packed {for both beach and hospital}, have the house spotless for our return and arrangements made for Asa and the pets at a moments notice... that way, we're prepared, come what may.

still, my wish is for a sunny, relaxing, dream of a week with a little time to spare when we get home...
we shall see.

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