we've got a walker!
his steps have been coming in 2's and 3's for weeks, but (as of today) he's officially taken it to the next level...
i'm sure most of you momma's know the feeling. 
i can't begin to describe how stinkin' excited i get when my boy is tottling towards me with this proud grin stretched across his cute little face!
i feel like this has been such a long time coming.
i know Asa's perfectly healthy... but it is admittedly hard to watch other kids his age practically running... having mastered the art of walking months earlier.  i try so hard not to compare, but it's a trap i can't help but get sucked into from time to time.
it's days like today though when the Lord has a way of reining me back in... reminding me to TRUST HIM and stop sweating the small stuff.

he still seems to prefer crawling, considering he can get there quicker and it doesn't involve any amount of tripping or falling.
but, with the amount of walking he did today (without any prompting), i feel sure it's gonna be a regular thing in the next couple days.
Justin counted 27 steps one of the times!
i'm so proud!
so proud and giddy and overjoyed that i didn't stop to pick up my camera and capture these precious moments once today!  i know, i'm kicking myself!  but like to think i couldn't be distracted cause i was so busy soakin' it all in!
i'll be sure to take some tomorrow!

in other news, the crib is here!
the last piece to Bellamy's nursery... now all that's left to do is paint it and finish the bedding!  be on the lookout for a tour of the nursery sometime in the next week or two :)

Justin's mom and stepdad brought the crib to us from Asheville (we're 'borrowing' it from his cousin).  they were so sweet to do so, and (bonus!) we got to spend a good part of the day visiting with them.  Justin's brother and his family came too.  we grilled out some burgers, drank some root beer, and finished it off with a walk up to the Creamery.  so good!

i'd say now's about the time to rest it up on the sofa with the hubs and the boob tube!

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