whew... false alarm...

maybe i was on my feet a bit too much, maybe i didn't drink enough water, but whatever the reason... while takin' in some slumber party fun with my little sis last night, the false labor fairy stopped in for a visit.
i really only experienced some mild braxton hicks with Asa until the real deal came along.
he came two weeks early, so i've thought that she might do the same, but not 5 weeks!
{i'm not ready}
it started exactly as it did the first time around, only they were 4-5 minutes apart and lasting 20-30 secs. 
 {Asa was much more gradual... starting at 10-15 minutes apart and getting closer and more uncomfortable over the course of a whole day}
my instinct told me i wouldn't be heading to the hospital to have a baby just yet, but just to be sure, i gave the on call doc a ring.  he put me at ease and advised me to do just as i thought... feet up, lots of water, and not to worry.
i did, and added a tylenol pm to the mix.
i don't medicate very often, but figured it would take the edge off and possibly help to give me the first good night's rest i've had in weeks.
woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to spend some QT with my boy.

in those moments last night, reality began to set in... and not just a little bit.
we'll be bringing home a precious new baby girl in just a few short weeks! how can that be?! 
i can't wait to meet this baby Belle that i've shared such a sweet connection with over these past 9 months.
but i want to make sure i'm taking in every last second of our family of 3.
EVERYTHING's about to change.


  1. You are so cool calm and collected--Just like your Mom. I love that you just matter of factly knew what to do and it was all ok. Definitely made to be a baby mamma. Slow down and get that water going my sweet girl and let yourself rest a little. Get the hubby busy on that nursery and let your sissy take care of the little man!!!

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  3. Braxton hicks got stronger with each baby for me. I was sure I was in labor a week before Sean really came, and the hospital thought I was too, then it stopped. Relax, drink that water and enjoy this time-- the little ones grow so quickly!

  4. belle has always been one of my favorite names for a girl! you have great taste :)