what's in a weekend...

it all started with a DATE NIGHT!!!

y'all there's only been 2 or 3 of these since Bellamy was born.
granted i still don't feel comfortable leaving a sitter to put both babies to bed, so we snuck out after Asa was tucked away... around 7:45.
we went to Cowfish, in the Southpark area.  SO good!
we needed that.

Saturday started off with some yard saling/antiquing.
a friend/neighbor of ours is moving, so i stopped by her place to see if i might pick up a couple treasures...
here's one of them
a little vintage 'Aunt Jemima' duckling for Belle's room
i also found a couple sweet wall hangings for my collage and a pillow or two.

 then i was on my way to pick up the antique vanity i'd found the weekend before...
isn't she a beauty?!

Miss Bellamy reached another little milestone...
cereal :)
i'm pretty sure a baby's first taste of food is pretty much the sweeeeetest thing!
her precious little face scrunched up as i made each attempt to scoop the oatmeal into her mouth before she could push it out with her tongue.
we started out with oatmeal the first two days and today i added a bit of banana... success!

Saturday evening, we went to my parent's annual Octoberfest cookout!
delicious food, family and friends... what's better??

Sunday we worshipped with our Branch family, watched our Carolina Panthers BEAT the Redskins, snoozed a little, and then headed off to my little sister's for dindin.
Gretch and Justin spoiled us for real!
shrimp on white cheddar grit cakes and roasted asparagus!

finished off the weekend with massive amounts of laundry and an exhausted hubby!
{he fell asleep in my lap before i even folded the first t-shirt... needless to say, he got out of helping ;)}

Happy Monday!

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