arts and crafts...

i've always loved crafting.  
i studied art in college, with a concentration in ceramics... my true love.
{hoping to brush up on my skills with some classes this fall}
anyway, where other types of crafts are concerned, i've always kept it pretty simple.
i guess i'm a little intimidated.  i see things i'd love to do and they might seem pretty easy, but i somehow convince myself that i'll screw it up.
i was going to get a sewing machine for my birthday and chickened out, so Christmas it is!  
and it WILL happen.
i've resolved to take baby steps... with Pinterest as my guide!
here are a couple of the things i've done lately...

Bellamy's mobile {i actually completed this a few months back}

spray painted the crib and customized the bumper with fabric, ribbon, and fabric glue...
special thanks to my dear friend, Mandy, for this genius idea!

mirror was a $10 find at an antique market and applied the gold lettering with super glue.

i've since taken this down.  while i love this idea, i wasn't loving the composition in my particular space.
also, i settled for the colors--Lowes was out of half their spray paint :( 
i might try it again if i decide to redecorate, but in the mean time, i'm trying to convince my sis to do it in her home!

i'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but i did take the pumpkin on the far left off and move the bird nest down... inspiration here.

super cute, super easy baby headbands... a sweet girlfriend of mine gave me the stretchy lace, and
i pulled the flowers off of some synthetic ones from Hobby Lobby.

i've learned... for even the simplest of crafts, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment.
and, spray paint and hot glue guns are AMAZING!

i'm in love with being a momma, but it's nice to have some 'me' time and crafting provides the perfect outlet.
even if it's just a few minutes of every day and it takes me a week to finish something... i'll take it!

got any ideas??... send 'em my way!


  1. crafting is the best. i'm always looking for the next project to clutter my craft table with. ;D

  2. love these crafts! so adorable. :)