what's in a weekend... mountain edition!

i was {pretty much} without internet for the our long weekend away, so no bloggin' for this momma!
we left Thursday morning to head up to Clyde, NC {a little north of Asheville} for a visit with Justin's mom and stepdad, and have a little mountain getaway.
a weekend full of rest, family, fellowship, and a pinch of J.Crew shopping madness!
pretty  sure it was just what the doctor ordered!

here's a play by play in pictures...


Justin's cousin and one of my best friends, Rachel

my dear friend, Jennifer, stopped by for a visit!

campin' out outside the J.Crew distribution warehouse sale... i took this pic with 2 more hours to go!

the loot!  a lot of this is Christmas gifts ;)

hope y'all had a lovely weekend...
and that this evenin's full of yummy treats!  Happy Halloween!!

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