not much other than lovin' on my babies was on the agenda for today, so when my little sister, Gretchen, called and asked if she could come over for some hang time, i said YESSSS!
she only lives about 45 min away, but with a baby that starts screaming about .2 seconds into any car ride, it might as well be 3 hours...
so, we don't get to see her as much as i'd like.
she may be younger, but gosh i look up to that girl!
she has the sweetest, most gentle spirit and a heart of pure gold.  she loves Jesus, her husband, and her dog with a passion... in that order.  she's going to be an amazing mother, but now she's in the business of delivering little miracles every day {a labor and delivery nurse at CMC Main}.  she's kind, compassionate, witty, quiet, and seriously beautiful.
sisters share an unbreakable bond and for too long i took that for granted and didn't sew into the relationship what i should have.  but times are a-changin' and things are looking SO much brighter from here.
girls, if you have a sister, take advantage! God gave you a built-in bff!  love on her, pray for her, laugh with her, cry with her... take time to pour into eachother's lives.  i'm learning this now and i'm never lookin' back.
Asa and Bellamy LOVE their Aunt Getch, and so do i.

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