just us girls...

my boys have taken off for the mountains {Asheville} this weekend.
Bellamy's got a little case of the sniffles, and my mommy instinct told me it wasn't such a good idea to take her...
so, daddy and Ace are visiting with Mimi & Poppy {Justin's mom and stepdad} while Belle and i get some quality girl time!
{we'll be going up for another visit Halloween weekend, so i wasn't too upset}
the first part of the morning came complete with about 3 cry fests before i could pull myself together enough to appreciate the quiet.
it's never been just me and Bellamy... i've always got Asa to feed, or read to, or play cars with, or dance with, and i just wasn't quite sure what to do with myself outside of that.

but, i got over it... the rest of the day held some good phone convos with dear girlfriends, an iPhone photo session, a nap, and an antique outing!

a vintage toy excavator for Asa... he's gonna love it!

antique dollhouse on a stand... i'm going to paint the stand to match her nursery :)

OH! and i got to fully blowdry my hair for the first time in a couple months.  this is BIG!

we plan on soakin' up some of this gorgeous autumn weather this weekend... 
i hope you do too!
happy day!

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