who says learning can't be fun?!...

i LOVE the age that Asa is right now!
of course, each new milestone, every new word or quirk, every inch they grow is such a sweet little gift.
it's just in the past couple months that he's really started to appreciate the fun in coloring, counting, and ABC's.
lately, when the baby sister's napping and it's just Asa and momma, we both love getting into little sensory learning projects!
one of the new ones we tried, that he particularly LOVED, was painting in the tub.
believe it or not, this is the first time we've used paint... i guess i was a little nervous about the mess... i'm learning to let go though and so glad i did!
it was a bath night anyway, so we stripped him down to his skivvies and let him go to town... so fun!
{and he didn't even try once to put it in his mouth... go Ace!}

Justin and i were both kinesthetic learners {Justin especially... i was more auditory}, 
and it seems that Asa's heading in that direction as well.
i couldn't be happier!  i love being hands on!... nothin' wrong with a little paint under your nails ;)
it's sweet moments like these that make for the very best of memories!
this boy's got my heart for sure!

then, to add to the sweetness, daddy got in some cuddles before bed... love my boys!

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