thankful thursday...

do i even need to say it??
i'm pretty sure we all hopped on this bandwagon today...
we were outside the first chance we got!
there may have only been glimpses, between the lingering gloom, but i'll take it!
if Asa could talk in complete sentences, he would probably have said something like, "I'M FREE!  and momma, i love you, but i've had enough of coloring books, puzzles, blocks, cars, toons, snacks, and crazy dance parties.... GIVE ME DIRT, AND STICKS, AND PUDDLES!!!"
don't get me wrong, there's beauty in the rain...
but, considering on any given day i can buy an extra hour of happiness in each of my children just by taking them outdoors... sun please.

and, in other thanks...
we have grass!!!
there's still a long way to go, but this is a better start than we've had since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago... our new and fantastically improved front yard is all in thanks to my seriously talented bro-in-law, Justin, and my hard-workin' hubs!

these cool, damp days put baby Belle a bit under the weather and the past couple nights have been little rough... so i'm off to catch a few winks before she wakes.  night!

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