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Ted Tripp's Shepherding a Child's Heart has served as such an awesome reference for me now that Asa is getting older and discipline is coming into play.
{the book is good for so much more than that, but i'll touch on that in another post}

i'm gonna make this quick and just share a little tid bit from Chapter 14...
Infancy to Childhood : Training Objectives
Save Time--Do it Right
"If your children are young, do it right from the start.  Don't let them develop habits of disobedience.  Be sure that they learn to obey without challenge, without excuse, without delay.
Don't waste time trying to sugar-coat submission to make it palatable.  Obeying when you see the sense in it is not submission; it is agreement.  Submission necessarily means doing what you do not wish to do.  It is never easy or painless.  True biblical submission must be found in knowing Christ and his grace.  Don't try to make something that does not require grace. Don't reduce submission to authority to that which fits natural man and natural abilities."

it's so easy, as a parent, to NOT follow through.  to become distracted and let some things go and not others, but making a conscious effort in this area is crucial for both mom and child.  it's essential to their well being... read Ephesians 6:1-3
so, i challenge you to ALWAYS follow through, because you love them.
i know there'll be days that this is most definitely easier said than done, but you can be sure you won't be sorry... it's God's promise, as long as he's the center.
when those moments come... breathe, pray, take action!

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