it was just me and the babies.
Justin took off Friday to take Asa to the mountains, so workin' late tonight was in order.
a slight wave of anxiety still washes over me, initially, at the thought of dinner
and bathtime and bedtime all on my own with both kiddos.
but, after sending up a few prayers for grace and patience, i'm proud to say, i tackled the evening with flyin' colors!
of course it helped that Asa was in one of his hilarious moods, thoroughly entertaining Bellamy, who was shootin' smiles and left and right for her big brother!
"rrribbit! rrribbit!" he hopped through the kitchen like a frog, climbed around on all fours (feet, not knees) shouting like a monkey, danced in circles, and whistled away on his blue recorder.
i love this kid... and so does his little sister.  i can already see how enamored she is with him and am constantly choking back tears watching their sweet relationship unfold.

so, tonight i laughed and cried my way through feeding, bathing, changing, lullabies, and bedtime prayers.
what a gift.

i'd naturally prefer to have Justin home lovin' on us, but it's nights like this that make me realize how important this role i've been given is.  
i'm a momma.
thank you, thank you, thank you, Jesus.

just look at these precious babes i get to hang out with all day...

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