some days are ordinary and that's okay...

the past month has been filled to capacity.
so this week calls for some slow-going, play in the floor, watch toons, eat snacks, read books, ordinary sorta days.
by ordinary, i mean simple. nothing more than momma and the babes, at home.
no plans, no distractions.
i've been almost completely absent from social media, with exception for instagram and a few email responses... and maybe some facebook cruising in the middle of the night when i can't sleep.
i'm hardly current on any of the blogs i keep up with, let alone my own.
and, honestly, having been so busy and knowing that the birth of our third little one is just around the corner, makes me want to hole up with my family and soak in every ordinary moment with them that i possibly can for the next month!

i started my day in Hebrews at 7am, challenged to remain confident in the hope of Christ, to focus my thoughts on what is true and good rather than on toxic things.
i've only just recently warmed up to the idea of "ordinary".
in actuality, i've been plagued by the thought of an ordinary life.  even felt like i didn't measure up as a wife and mother if each day didn't hold something exciting.
but this morning, i WOKE UP!
my life's so far from ordinary with Christ as my redeemer!

it's okay that every week's not filled with playdates in the most amazing places.

my children aren't in baby art/music classes, but chalkin' up a sidewalk, painting in the bathtub, and bangin around the kitchen with some spatulas and old tupperware is just as fantastic to them.

you can bet that on any given night of the week we're having spaghetti, B4D, some form of chicken dish, or a crockpot meal for dinner.  boring, maybe. but you won't hear us complaining.  {i do mix it up sometimes ;)}

some days i'm in my jams 'til the kids go down for their afternoon nap.

a successful trip to Target with both babes in tow is counted a victory and quite a treat!

a highlight of my day is the apples and PB i settle down to {almost} every evening after the kids are down while the hubs and i cruise Netflix for something good to watch.

there's so much else that makes our life "ordinary", but i believe it's anything but.
and don't get me wrong... some days we do have fantastic playdates, and i may or may not whip up an incredible meal for dinner, and maybe some make-up appears on my face along with a fabulous outfit cause we're steppin out for a full-on family fun day... i can certainly appreciate those days too.

i've just realized the beauty in simplicity.  there's no checklist for perfection.
as long as i'm finding my confidence in the Father, nothing's ordinary.
spending time in His word, serving my family, and loving my neighbor.
that's true. that's good.

:: i was going to post a few photos of the sweet, simple moments we've soaked up over the past month, but blogger's being a little moody.  so, i'll catch you up on all that tomorrow ::


  1. Simplicity is a great thing! However I would be great if I got half of the things done you mentioned! So you are doing better than you may think you are! :) I think that every mom probably lives in condemnation, especially if you are a perfectionist like I am sometimes plagued with ! :) Just for the record I think you are a great mom! :)

  2. I needed this post!... I have tears ( I know that is not really hard but...) I needed this! I think as mothers we all feel this no matter what our day to day looks like. I too am so afraid of the "ORDINARY" yet there is a part of me that longs for it!
    And you are right as long as we are lead by the Spirit then, well what do we have to fear?!
    bless you mama :) Let me know how I can help ever!