34 weeks...

no news is good news in the land of Blackwelder babies.
Asa came 2 weeks early and Bellamy 4, but it seems miss Olive is sittin' pretty. for now.
in the mean time, i'm taking {almost} all natural preventative actions against pre-term labor.
baby check : 
her growth and heart rate are spot on and she moves in the womb more than her older brother and sister put together!  i swear she's gonna bust up outta there!

we're supposed to head down to Greenville, SC next weekend for a family wedding, and considering that Bellamy's arrival was so quick and unexpected, my doctor has requested that i schedule an appointment to see him the day before we head down.
i'll be just shy of 36 weeks {which is when the weekly pelvic exams begin, if you request}
i haven't decided yet if i'll go in for the exam.  perhaps i'll just go with my gut.
perhaps Justin will be delivering our Olive in the back of the minivan off the interstate.
we'll see.

but, until we meet her...
the belly gets bigger
the waddle gets worse
the dreams get stranger
and Bellamy's still our baby
{it's crazy how much older your youngest seems the instant you bring a new one home}

right now, so thankful for the time i have with my two...
i can hardly believe we're about to be a family of 5!
bring it on!

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  1. Really you'll be closer to Brevard, NC next weekend, but the Greenville cousins can't wait to see you! I hope Olive stays put so we can see you!