all the small things...

you know that feeling you get when the countdown in weeks to the birth of your (THIRD) child reaches the single digits... kind of like first child nesting on steroids.
this is where i've been living for the past couple weeks and i expect to stay in this place 'til we meet our Olive.  
i get nervous sometimes... and in those moments, it's the small things that reel me back in.

small things like...

spending time with the Lord in the morning, rather than before bed.
reading through scripture and trying to take it all in as the words blur together cause my head is ready to hit the pillow just doesn't cut it.
it's SO refreshing to start my day in His word... this way, all the crap that day has planned on handing me doesn't stand a chance.  well, not as much of one anyway.

making sure the kitchen's cleaned the night before.
do you know how good it feels to come down to a CLEAN kitchen in the morning?!  well, it's fantastic.  especially when everyone's cranky and hungry for some breakfast.
{side note: a couple nights ago, the sink was particularly full from the day's dishes along with several pots and pans from dinner.  Justin comes downstairs and waits for me to join him every night while i sing to the babes before shutting their door.  this particular evening, i trudged down the stairs dreading what awaited me in the kitchen, only to find that it was already sparkling!  Justin sure spoke my love language that night.  i cried.}

folding laundry out of the dryer and PUTTING IT AWAY!
now, this doesn't happen every bit of the time, but when it does... life's worth the livin'!
i'm not sure if nesting's all about organizing for most pregnant women, but it sure is for me.
and honestly, folding precious little clothes still hasn't gotten old to me...
{now, spot cleaning those precious little clothes is another story}

a mornin' cup of joe with my little man
Ace and i have pretty regular dates over coffee in the sunroom while Bellamy snoozes through her morning nap.  i treasure these times.
{fyi : Asa gets a few tablespoons of coffee mixed with a whole lotta vanilla soy milk}

lunch out with daddy
once a week, on average, i load up the kids after Bellamy's nap and we head out to meet J for lunch in the middle of his work day.  when this happens, it practically makes my whole day.  i don't have to put any thought into what's for lunch, we get treated to something extra yummy, we all get a little midday pick-me-up with our favorite guy, and we're home just in time for naps!  i think Justin likes it too ;)

bedtime for the babes
i don't love this {necessarily} because the kids are going to bed.
but ever since we started a bedtime routine for Asa at a very young age, Justin and i have treasured this time as a family.  everything from the look on Asa's face when he gets to wear his rocket jams to the fact that Bellamy cries if she doesn't hear her lullaby before she sleeps.  
we read, we play, we snuggle, we pray. 
 it truly is such a sweet time.

down-time with the hubs
sometimes our evening consists of long convos about our days and heart talks about what the future holds or how fast the kids are growing,
and sometimes, we dive straight into our latest tv series obsession on Netflix without saying more than a few words.  either way, it's a beautiful time and almost always very well spent together.  

these are just a few small things in my day-to-day that the Lord uses to shape me and encourage me.
what are some of yours??

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