over the weekend...

i realize this should really have been posted yesterday.
but all the same, here's what our weekend looked like...

on Friday afternoon, we swung by to pick Justin up from work before heading down to Lincolnton to bring some dinner to our dear friends and love on their precious new baby girl.
2 weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Raleigh, Wendy was admitted into the ICU with life threatening illness.  over the next 9 days, she fought a terrible battle, but was drenched in prayer all the while and the Lord had a plan for complete restoration.
we couldn't wait to to witness them finally experiencing the joy of being happy, healthy, and together... their new little family of 3.

Saturday got off to a bit of a rough start, only because Asa and Bellamy decided to whine about EVERYTHING!
the plan was to run a few errands as a fam and then enjoy lunch at TJ's Diner {located in The Depot at Gibson Mill} before the kids' naps.
now, errands were off the table and we settled for cruising through the antique ridden isles of The Depot while we worked up an appetite.  fine by me!
this place is the largest antique and designer mall in the south!  if you haven't been and you live anywhere near, go!  oh, and bonus.. the diner's food is seriously yummy!
i scored a fantastic sewing table from the 1920's in the mintiest condition it could possibly be in!  i'll show it to you soon ;)

that afternoon, our sitter Gina came to keep the kiddos while J and i headed off to watch some dear friends tie the knot!  
every last detail was beautiful.  
everything from the whimsical decor, to the tune selecion, to the bride's gorgeous dress... all the way down to the deliciously refreshing snow cones offered to each of the guests upon their arrival at the reception.  
we truly enjoyed ourselves and couldn't be more excited for the happy couple!
{i've known Matt since he was about 13 years old and he couldn't have found a better match than his Brandy}

we sat with some of our favorites at the reception!
my little brother, Stacey, and our long time and very dear friends, the Colemans.

my younger brother, Grant, was among the 8 groomsmen... most of which have been friends since they were in junior high.

The Newlyweds!
thankful to have been part of their day!

Sunday was slow-going and fantastic.
the Lord brought us into an amazing time of worship and fellowship with our family at River Church.
friends trickled in and out of our home throughout the day.
we ordered pizza for dinner and let the kids' bedtime run a little long.
then the hubs and i cuddled up with a couple of rootbeer floats to watch the Summer Olympics for rest of the evening.
i've got pretty high hopes for next weekend.

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