28 weeks and counting...

Olive's been bakin' for a little over 28 weeks now and momma's feeling pretty darn good.

at 28 weeks

:: the third trimester is treatin' me just fine
:: i've gone from "feeling chubby" to showin' off this baby bump!
:: my belly measures a little over 29 weeks
:: her heart rate is sittin' pretty in the 150's
:: i've gained 18 pounds
:: i passed my sugar test with flying colors
:: showing no signs of pre-term labor so far {my 1 and 2 came pretty early}
:: little Livie responds to my voice
:: baby girl's been having some crazy dance parties up in my womb
:: the rubberband trick isn't workin for me anymore
:: a regular dose of heartburn is setting in... TUMS on hand at all times
:: my bra size seems to be increasing by the second
:: i don't sleep well, have looney dreams, and wake up achy
:: apples and peanut butter with chocolate milk is my late night snack of choice
:: i get winded going up our stairs
:: it's getting harder to lift my lil munchkins, but i do it.  all the time.
:: i'm soakin up all the 'momma of 2' time i can get!

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