a week in instagram : Outer Banks 2012

tell me i went instagram crazy, cause i did.  and this isn't even all of them, but it pretty much covers our week.  such a fantastic week.  
since i was very young, my family has taken an annual trip {the first week in June} to the Outer Banks... on the northern end, toward Corolla.
we've had to skip the past 3 years for one reason or another and were all super excited to get back to our beach!  Justin and i, in particular, cause we couldn't wait to experience it with the kids. 
anyway, June is quite the crazy month for us... which explains why i haven't been around the blog for a couple weeks.  
i've got so much posting to catch up on, but for now...
here's our week on the OBX!

so long!  'til next year!

hope your summer is shaping up beautifully!


  1. Whaaaaaaaa! I miss the beach! Hug your sweet babies for all of us!

  2. love the pics! looks like a great trip :o)