this past Saturday was packed... full of good things.
in fact, it all could very easily have become a blur if not for the goodness.

the run down ::

Chuck E. Cheese's
my nephews Zachary {turning 6} and Logan {turning one} had there birthday parties there that morning at 9:30.
i was there long enough to say happy birthdays and hellos, and play a couple games with Ace before i passed Miss Bellamy off to the hubs and headed out on my own.

next up...

Jesse's baby shower
Jesse and her family are long time friends of Justin's and i've grown to know and love them just the same over the years.
she's expecting a baby girl {Claire} in the next 9 weeks!!
the shower was held at her gorgeous historic home off of Selwyn Avenue in Charlotte.
some of her closest friends hosted it and couldn't have done a more beautiful job.
i caught up with old friends and met new ones, got the nursery tour, munched on some of the yummiest hors d'oeuvres, crafted a sweet little onesie for baby Claire, handed Jesse her coffee stained card {oops}, and i was off again!

about 3 miles down the road...

NC Blogger Meet-up!
Jess {Boho Baby Bump} and Rebekah {My Little Loves} planned a fabulous get-together for momma bloggers near and far.  Jess hosted it at her lovely home and such a sweet time it was.
i'd be lying to say i wasn't nervous.  i fought over whether or not to go for days.  but, i found comfort in knowing that there would at least be a couple familiar faces and i probably wasn't the only one whose stomach was in knots.
seriously though, within the first couple minutes of being there my guard was dropped and a peace swept over me.  these were such special ladies.  i believe we all brought something so different to the table, but still found kindred spirits in one another.
i could kick myself for not having a camera with me {for any of the day's festivities really}, but many of the other girls did and captured some of the sweetest moments.
something else i didn't have... my babies.  the little ones were welcome to come along, and i found myself missing mine, but it was nice to get out and have some 'me' time.
each of the conversations i had were simple, but inspiring, and far too short!  still, it was so refreshing to get REAL with these ladies.
i'm fairly new in the blogging world and feel sure this is just the beginning.
so looking forward to next time!  hopefully SOON.
make sure to drop in on these girls... you won't be sorry you did...

Rebekah :: My Little Loves
Kristina :: Our Little Lentil
Dusti :: Where Am I?

the day could have ended on that note and been counted such a sweet succes, but it got better still...
{after i ran a couple boring errands}
my little fam was waiting for me at my parents house.  we try to get over there at least once a week and this time we were invited for dinner.
not just any dinner... my dad's homemade veal parmesan! uh, YUM.
and {almost} all my siblings were there to share in the joy too.
i wouldn't have had this evening any other way, and
i'm so beyond thankful to have a family that i can't get enough of. 

so, packed and a wee bit stressful?? yes.
but, oh what blessings were in store.


  1. It was so great to meet you! I thought you were so beautiful! Since your close we should have a play date or something some time? :)

  2. loved meeting you too! i actually live in Concord so it's not quite as close, but we could always meet halfway at a park :) i would LOVE that!