like everyone else, i'm sure, we CANNOT get enough of this fantastic weather!
i might actually be a bit worried about what to expect this summer, if temps are so warm in March!
anyway, we've been taking FULL advantage of this springtime sunshine...
complete with plenty of park days.
I've been taking mid-morning walks with the kids and J's been getting home as early as he can so we can all scarf down some dinner and fit in some swingin' and slidin' before the babes' bedtime :)
and, since the weather man's been calling for rain that never actually comes...
pretty much every day's been a park day!  no one's complainin!

here's what i mean...

day one

day two

day three

day four
{taken by our fabulous sitter, Gina, on date night}

day five

more of this = perfection!
bring it on, Spring... we're lovin' it!

{all of these photos were taken with my iPhone... as are most of my photos.  so convenient.  however, i seriously need to get A LOT better about using my actual camera.}

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