Asa's 2...

this post has been a long time coming...
and i'm doing it while a very energetic Bellamy sits beside me.  she may have a little something to add in a bit.

for Asa's 1st birthday, we went with a Seussical theme and invited all kinds of sweet family, close friends, and little baby buddies.
this year, we decided to keep it fairly small.
on his actual birthday, Justin and i were up early filling balloons with helium...
we did our best to sneak in his room and leave them before he woke, but were unsuccessful and it actual worked out better because we got to see his initial reaction.
his eyes were filled with wonder as he mumbled through his paci, excitedly pointing out all the different "b-yoons".  Justin lifted him up and they danced through them before we tied a big bunch together and took them downstairs for the morning.
{we've decided this will be a birthday tradition for all the kids.. how fun!}
for breakfast, his favorite, cinnamon rolls and bacon.
pretty soon, we were headed to church, but not before we grabbed 10 balloons to hand out to his Sunday school classmates.
it was so sweet to see how special he felt as he walked into the church building holding all his colored balloons. 
as we ran in to different friends, we'd ask him "how old are you, Asa?" and he'd answer "twooo" while holding up 4 fingers {we haven't quite gotten that part down pat yet}.
the rest of the day was perfect... just the 4 of us. 

the following weekend, we celebrated with family and a couple treasured friends... including Asa's best little buddy, Colt. {we didn't get a picture of those two.  i could kick myself.}
we cooked out, enjoyed some sweet fellowship, let Asa dig in to some cupcakes and presents and called it a day.  i feel sure he loved every second. and so did we.

the end of the 2nd and on to the 3rd!  i can hardly believe it!

oh, one more thing....

wx4j cv 7jcx b xbx 
she loves him.

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