Happy Valentines Day...

Justin and i have had notoriously bad Vdays since we were dating...
somehow, on the day, every year if we didn't have a reason to bicker, we'd find one.
i like to think we both put so much pressure on ourselves to make it "special" that we ended up destroying it instead.  for this reason, we decided to start celebrating early about 4 years ago.  since then it's been a dream.
of course, i got lovey little gifts for the babies and made a heart-shaped cookie cake for tonight's dessert, but as far as the hubs and i are concerned {with the exception of a couple extra smooches}, it's just another day ;)

anyway, here's a little glimpse into this years 
Valentines Day {and the day before} festivities...

first up {Feb 13th}, reservations at Chima's Brazilian Steakhouse!
if you haven't been, make this your next fancy date night! SO great!

 complete with one of their signature beverages... Brazilian limeade. uh, YUM!

 afterwards, more goodness awaited at Amelie's French Bakery!

today, i'm lovin' on my littlest Valentines! 

a tradition i started a couple years ago... vintage valentines!  they're cheaper and sweeter!

Ace and Belle love their new monkey friends!

 it's what's for dessert!

what are you doing to celebrate??  crafting, baking, romancing...?

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