hello again.

it came and went.
February is doing the same.
i've been wrapping my head around a few things lately and decided it was time for a short little blog vacation.
and now, i'm happy to be back.  i've missed it around here.

in the past month...
i made a couple resolutions. {a different post}
and cooked a LOT of crockpot meals. {yet another post}
and mostly, i loved on my family.
our third little bundle is on its way... one of those things i've been wrapping this head of mine around.  i'm nervous, i don't know why.
i've got this.  we want more than three.  Asa's almost 2 and that makes him a toddler.  he and Belle are gonna be chums. Bellamy's not consistently sleeping through the night yet, but she will soon. i have everything i need for a boy or girl now.  Asa will be potty trained {maybe}.
i've got this, right??

anyway, for the next 7 1/2 months, it's just the 4 of us.
we're gonna soak it up, appreciate every second, and get excited about this new little one!

since i've been gone...

we went to the park and spent 75% of our time outside in general... this weather?!

we loved on our babies and they loved on eachother

we celebrated J's big 2-9! @ Zink!

Asa {and momma} got puppy fever! ah!

there was some cousin lovin'!

we got a NEW RIDE!!!  minivan mom and proud!

we made our big reveal!  after a healthy ultrasound/heartbeat :)

J and i decided to spend some one on one time with the babes...
he took Ace to the circus and Belle and i headed to Super Target!  so good!

                               Asa's saying 'cheese' in this shot

so there you have it.
i'll be back tomorrow, with bells on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! It looks like you are enjoying life and living large! Congrats about baby #3 :) What a blessing!