every morning i make my way to the kitchen with both babes...
Bellamy plays happily in her exersaucer and Ace runs a muck through the chairs and under the table with his cars until breakfast is served.  
but, before i start fixing his oatmeal or her prunes or brewing my coffee, i choose our playlist for the morning.  this morning it was Hillsong's "A Beautiful Exchange" album.
by the time we were finishing up with "bref-tix" (this is what my youngest sister, Kathleen, called breakfast as a baby and it just stuck),
the song 'The Father's Heart' was playing...
the chorus lyrics are ::

Sin is broken
the lost now chosen
The Father's heart!

as i sang it loud with this goofy smile on my face looking back and forth between these two blessed babies, my eyes welled up with tears and i couldn't help but raise my hands in worship.  seconds after i did, Asa followed along and raised his as he hummed his own sweet little tune.  now, i know he's not even close to understanding what it means to express a heart of worship and be truly thankful for a Saviour, but it filled my cup to the fullest just realizing, in that moment, that one day our children will know Jesus.  
they'll know that sin is broken because of the Father's love.
and they'll worship with us.  this is my prayer.

night y'all.

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  1. awww carey....there went my eye makeup! worship w/ your kids IS priceless. love you!!!