recipes i've found on Pinterest and actually tried...

I have 77 pins on my "mmm delish" Pinterest board.
I've tried about 7 of them.
all that i've tried have been quite delicious and i'm anxious to dive into some of the more springy/summery recipes in the next few weeks!

{LOVE this weather!}

okay, so here's a few of my faves ::

spinach pesto grilled cheese sandwich
recipe here.
i mean, you can never really go wrong with grilled cheese and i'm realizing there are SO many ways to make them...
i want to try this one too!

next up...

beer battered fried avocado tacos!
recipe here.
ummm.  yes please!
okay, everything about this was divine. 
i just felt a little somethin' was missing.  i'm a fish taco kinda girl, so we grilled up some tilapia with a little S&P to throw into the mix.
seriously, SO good! 

cream and garlic pasta
recipe here.
this has become my go to meal when the hubs is working late and there's no one but me and the babes to feed.  Asa's in love with it!  
you can never go wrong with noodles... and cream... and garlic!

so there's a few quick meals.
and now for a couple snacks...

sour patch grapes
recipe here.
my girlfriend, Kristy, and i made these while our kiddos slept one day... {i think we knew sharing might not be an option}.
loved them!  
found ourselves wishing they were a bit more on the sour side, but that might be helped by using a different flavor of jello.

baked zucchini chips
recipe here.
nothing beats yummy and healthy.
let me suggest at least 3 or 4 zucchini though... they shrink quite a bit while baking.
and you'll wish you made more.

no cookin' tonight!
J's taking me out on the town... who knows where we'll end up.
probably dinner and home.  who am i kidding?!
a little alone time, get dessert to go, couch time and Netflix...

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