22 weeks...

i'm a bit over 22 weeks now...
reaching the halfway mark is such a sweet victory for my heart.
my monthly baby check-up was yesterday and i was in and out of there, which is always a good thing. 
her heart rate was right at 160 and i'm measuring just right.
i've gained 16 lbs so far. 
{i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that most of that resides in my hind quarters. hmph.}
believe it or not, i didn't feel this girl move much until very recently.  i expected it so much sooner, being my third, but it seems she'd just rather relax.
honestly, i can't wait 'til she's running out of room in there, stretching from side to side, lodging her feet under my ribs, and pressing her little tush against the side of my belly.
it may be a bit uncomfy, but gosh... such a sweet miracle.
we still haven't completely settled on Olive {although we truly love it} or a middle name.  there are a couple other names in the running, so we shall see.
it may just take meeting her to know for sure :)

{this was taken at 21 weeks, but looking pretty much the same}

i was overwhelmed and so encouraged by all your prayers and kind words in response to my heavy heart post. 
seriously, thank you.
choosing to trust Him with this precious baby's life is one of the hardest and most liberating things i'll ever do.  renewing that trust every morning.

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