precious moments...

one of my {small} resolutions for 2012 was a memory jar.
it sits on our kitchen counter with scrap paper and pens nearby for anyone and everyone to jot down happy thoughts and special moments as they please.
the memories stay in the jar until they're read out loud as we ring in 2013... 
then, we start all over again.

here are just some of the many precious moments put in the jar by my hand the past few weeks ::

  • the time when Asa said "bye-bye, Daddy. ah-yu (love you)" for the first time WITHOUT being prompted as J headed off to work.
  • the time when Bellamy was having a little trouble getting to sleep, so momma snuck in, picked her up to calm her down and her head rested on my shoulder, nestled in my neck for the next 10 minutes.  {this NEVER happens... Asa's my cuddler}
cuddles all around these days
  • the time when Asa made his dinosaur talk to Bellamy in the tub with his goofy voice and she nearly fell over laughing.  {she's all giggles and smiles, but a belly laugh is rare}
  • the time when Asa insisted on holding my hand {for at least 15 minutes} while J pulled the babes in the wagon on our evening walk.
  • the time when hubs and i stepped out into the quiet night at half past 11 to see the super moon and were overwhelmed by God's majesty.

our hope is to make this a yearly tradition.
i can't wait for our kids to add to this jar someday soon.  

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  1. Love love this... I got to do it now!! TAHNKS love :)