before & after : bathroom edition

our home sweet home has undergone quite a few major changes lately...
all things that we've talked about doing since we moved in 5 years ago. 
the house was built in 1932 and has some amazing character to say the least.
we knew before we started our hunt that we wanted a home with history and we didn't mind a few projects.  

in the past few years we've :
-- painted/wallpapered all the walls
--replaced radiated heat and window cooling units with central heating and air
--refinished all the hardwood flooring
--installed a gas fireplace {was a non-working coal burning}
--majorly upgraded the kitchen
--installed a large brick patio out back
--renovated the sunroom
--added on a master bath
--overhauled the front yard

did i say we didn't mind a few projects... well, we kinda LOVE projects!
and i'm fairly sure there will be many more to come!
anyway, thought i'd do a little before & after series about a few of our most recent endeavors.
starting with the bathroom.
we shared a bathroom with the kiddos, which was fine, but
when we found out the third baby "B" was on his/her way, we decided it was time to allow for a little privacy.
{many of these shots were taken with my iPhone, in the evening... so, not the best, but it'll do}


we were able to climb out of our bedroom window onto the flat roof of the sunroom below and decided it made so much sense to convert that window to a door and build the master bath on top of the sunroom.
of course the sunroom wasn't in the best shape, so the walls and roof had to be majorly reinforced before we could begin bathroom construction.
Justin did so much of the work, along with a few hired hands {family/friends} along the way.
handsome, manly and handy... a triple threat. i love this about him.

this space has made such a world of difference for us.
there are still a few finishing touches, but we're seriously loving it so far.

next week, the sunroom.


  1. where do you get all of your furniture? it is amazing! your dining table, the table with the sinks on it- they are gorgeous!

  2. thanks girls! Tia, the hubs and i are antique/yard sale junkies... we live right down the road from a fabulous antique mall called The Depot (where we got the outdoor dining set), but lots of our treasures are found at antique fairs that we go to a couple times a year :)