what's in a weekend...

is it just me or are the weekends coming and going before i can blink?!
i would hope for there to be more posts between these 'what's in a weekend' segments, but the days have been running together a bit lately and by the time i have a moment for myself, i'd really rather just talk to hubs about our days and read or watch a movie.
but, i've got a lot to talk about this week, so we'll see ;)

first things first... Antiques Fall Classic!  the Metrolina Expo holds an Antique show the first weekend of every month (click the link to look at their calendar), but only twice a year do vendors come from all over the country to showcase their treasures and sell them to antique junkies like myself!  i try to make it every time, even if just to look around (although i'm not sure i've ever left empty handed).  
this time, i was in the market for his&her nightstands and a buffet to house his&her sinks in our new master bath.  i got to help my little sis with some fabulous finds for her new home too!  so fun!
here are the nightstands...

complete with new lamps!  both antique with dove tail detailing on the drawers, original hardware, and keyhole locks!  they're in fantastic condition and are just what i was looking for! love them!

Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival with my family, swung home to lay the babies down for a nap (and sneak one in ourselves), met back up with my fam at Texas Land & Cattle for dinner to celebrate my little sis, Kathleen's bday, and then back to our place for cake and icecream!  FULL day! 
{it actually ended up being just me and Ace at the restaurant for dinner... Justin stayed home with Belle who hadn't been in the best of spirits.  poor girl.}
anyway, this is what the day looked like...

if you live anywhere near Charlotte and have never been to the Renaissance Festival... GO!
every weekend through the months of October and November, they transform a wooded area off of Poplar Tent Road {near 73} into a beautiful Renaissance village called Fairhaven.  everyone you meet there plays a part, from the jousters and the acrobats to the woodland fairies and magical musicians.  there's something there for everyone in the fam! oh, and the food is so delish!

Justin's mom and stepdad Allen arrived late Saturday night and we enjoyed a big breakfast with them the next morning before all heading off to church.
we dedicated our baby girl to the Lord on Sunday morning.  there's a post on that comin' your way, but in the meantime, i'm SO thankful and happy to be raising our children in the love of the Father!  what a gift!

hope you guys got to soak up just as much of this weekend's GORGEOUS autumn weather as we did!
Happy Monday! 

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