thankful thursday...

we're gonna have a master bath! eee!
our house actually already has two baths, but the second one is downstairs while all the bedrooms are upstairs... and it doesn't have a shower installment.  it's just a tub, so it doesn't get used for much more than the toilet and sink.
i really haven't minded the one bath situation... sharing with babies and guests.
when we got our house, we thought we probably wouldn't be in it any more than 6 or 7 years (we're going on 5 now) with just 3 bedrooms.  but, lately the more we think on it... we just love this place.  it's been such a labor of love and we really have made it our own cozy little nest... we can't imagine leaving anytime soon.  we've always wanted our kids to share bedrooms anyway, so there's no harm in growing our family under this roof for a while longer.  the guest bedroom was already eliminated with Bellamy's arrival, so they get the pleasure of shackin' up in our family room on a super comfy air mattress!  no one's complained yet!  and the downstairs bathroom will soon be for them.
Justin and i have only day dreamed about a master bath until a couple weeks ago.  but with talk of a third baby already a-brewin' (i said TALK, not action) and the decision to stay in this house indefinitely, we decided a master bath was in order.
i've never been able to enjoy the luxury of true privacy in the bathroom and i've realized this is a serious momma NEED!  a long, hot, evening bath in a clawfoot tub accompanied by a little smooth 40's jazz.  {door locked}.  yes please.
i LOVE decor, but really haven't had much experience in the architectural and design departments... but with a little insight from dear friends and a picture in my mind, i'm learning as i go.  and did i mention how wonderful it is to have a husband that doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and doing some REAL work!  if he doesn't know how to do something, he learns.. and fast!  he and a couple other really great guys have been workin' hard since last week and we're shooting for a finish by the new year!  we'll see...
so, here's to our new addition!  
SO thankful for the means to pamper ourselves in this big way!

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